Current Version Plugin DivX Plus Web Player | Netscape Plugin

The current version plugin of DivX Plus Web Player (Netscape plugin) enables you to stream popular web video formats in your browser such as .avi, .mkv, and .divx.

Applies to: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

Supported OS: Windows, Mac

Current Version Plugin DivX Plus Web Player

DivX Plus

The current version DivX Plus Web Player plugin allows you to play a range of video in multiple formats in the browser. You can experience stunning HD video with true 5.1 channel surround sound, multiple subtitles and audio track support, smooth playback with hardware acceleration, and the ability to download everything you watch online with the plugin.

DivX Plus Web Player supports DIVX, AVI, MKV, MP4 and MOV for compatibility with Windows and Apple devices. You can also use Web Player to publish videos to your website or blog.

The plugin can be checked out by viewing the plugins or add-ons in the browser. Disable it if required though keeping it will not cause any harm.

Install/Upgrade info: The DivX Plus Web Player plugin is installed with the DivX Plus Web Player on Windows or Mac. You should have administrator privileges to install it on your PC. If DivX video does not play in the browser, restart the browser and device. You may have to upgrade your browser to the latest version for best results.

Download link: For Windows and Mac: