Current Version Plugin Facebook Video Calling Plugin

The Skype powered current version plugin (Facebook video calling plugin) lets you video chat with friends with a single click.

Applies to: On Windows: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer (32-bit only), Google Chrome, and Opera. On Mac: Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera.

Supported OS: Windows, Mac

The Facebook video calling plugin lets you make video calls to your Facebook friends who have also installed the plugin to enable video calling. The plugin is powered by Skype but you need not have a Skype account for Facebook video calling.


Facebook Video Calling Plugin

If you want to uninstall the current version of Facebook video calling plugin on Windows, go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Select Facebook Video Calling Plugin from the list > Uninstall. On Mac, you need to go to your Home directory > Open the Library folder > Open the Application Support folder > Open the Facebook folder > Delete the video folder.

You can only chat with one friend at a time as of now. Also, the only calling option available will be video call now. You cannot make a voice call.

Download/Upgrade info: To install the current version of the Facebook video calling plugin, simply visit this link and click on “Get Started“. Or, you can log into your Facebook account. Open any friend’s timeline and click on Call at the top. You are instructed to download and run the plugin executable file. Restart the browser. Log into Facebook again and open the chat window. Click on Video chat with … on a friend’s chat window. If your friend has not enabled video chatting yet, she will receive a notification asking her to download the plugin. Once that’s through, you can start the video call.